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I always believed in the saying that "People grow the most when they enter the zone of unknown". Often praised for my ability to get high-quality work done quickly, I love using my capacity to be both a designer and a programmer for my team and solve problems effectively. Being able to program has helped me prototype that much faster as a designer and being able to design helps me create the best tools for the other creatives on my team.

I bring five years of cumulative experience in the field of gaming and research and development in emerging technologies. During this time, I developed proficiencies in coding in a number of languages including top languages such as C#, javascript, and Java. I have hands-on experience in using best practice methods in improving code, adding gameplay features such as graphics, sound and user interface scripts, participating in story development and troubleshooting program issues.

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Interactive Touch Projector Surface

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Animal Planet

Educational AR App

Cricket Game Engine

Unity 3D

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Education AR app


Interactive Story Book

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Work Experience

  • 2019-Present

    Discover Financial Services - R & D

    Innovation Engineer - AR/VR Specialist

    • Pioneered the AR/VR/MR roadmap/vision for the Innovation Office.
    • Engineered the AR mobile apps for roadshows to showcase customer onboarding and brand illustration.
    • Programmed on NFC activation and gamification prototypes to build new experiences.
    • Formulated Web AR application with multiple API's to upscale possibilities of business use cases.
    • Programmed on real-time map data for ATM & Merchant locator in Augmented reality mobile application.
    • Led the university research lab projects for AR/VR/MR with multiple projects.

  • 2017-2019

    iConSenSe Lab, Illinois Institute of Technology

    Research Assistant – Mixed Reality

    • Developed an algorithm for augmented reality and mixed reality applications.
    • Prototyped informative mixed reality HoloLens application with visual features, spatial representation, statistical inference, and indexing high-dimensional features.
    • Working on research-oriented projects for head-mounted displays (HoloLens, Magic Leap, DayDream).
    • Research in human-computer interactions with HMDs and prototyping user interfaces.

    Reality Lab, PTC Inc.

    Innovation Intern – Research and Development

    • Worked on web-based AR framework for prototyping AR applications.
    • Research and development on HoloLens, Leap motion, and mobile applications.
    • Represented Reality Lab, demonstrating incredibly powerful Reality Editor at LiveWorx 2018 - International digital conference.

  • 2013-2017

    The Walt Disney Company. India.

    Unity 3D Software Engineer

    • Supported continuous integration, code coverage, crash reports, and analytics frameworks.
    • Contributed the full range of programming tasks: Game-plays AI, Sound Engine.
    • Built a dynamic cross-platform UI menu system using new Unity UI components.
    • Research and development on Mixed reality, Augmented reality and Virtual reality.
    • Designed and implemented a PVP (Player vs. Player) multiplayer environment for an ICC Pro Cricket 2015.
    • Programmed server-side analytic tools and client-side integration for mobile games.

    Invent Media LLP. India

    Software Engineer

    • Lead & managed a small in-house engineering team focused on successfully delivering high fidelity mobile applications and user experiences.
    • Developed card-based mobile application for kids learning on Augmented Reality.
    • Created a synchronization framework for Unity 4.6 Asset Bundle to make designers work efficiently.

    TechTree IT Systems Pvt. India

    Mobile Application Developer

    • Developed J2ME platform mobile games and apps for Nokia S40 series.
    • Programmed storyboard game for cross-platform with Corona SDK.
    • Developed level-based 3D Racing game on Unity 3D.


  • 2019

    Master’s in Information Technology and Management

    Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL, USA.

    Advance Software Programming, Geospatial Vision, Computer Vision, Human-Computer Interaction, Intelligent Device Apps - Android, Open Source Programming, Rich Internet Application, Software Testing & Maintenance, Project Management, Special Problem in IT - Augmented Reality Research Project.

  • 2012

    Bachelor of Engineering in Information Science

    Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum, KA, INDIA.

    Data Structure, Object Oriented Programming with C++, Analysis and Design of Algorithms, Software Engineering, Unix and Shell Programming, System Software, Operating System, Database Management System, Object-Oriented Modeling and Design,Programming the Web, Computer Networks, Storage Area Networks, File Structures, Software Architectures, Data Mining, Java and J2EE, C# Programming and .Net.


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